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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Winter Road Accidents

New Jersey residents may already be yearning for a break in the rough winter weather. Spring, however, is in the distance and we still have the cold winter months to contend with. In addition to the need for layering clothes and making sure the stock of firewood holds strong in homes, New Jersey residents also need to remain vigilant out on the roads this winter. The treacherous winter weather conditions can be much more than merely inconvenient or unpleasant, they can be downright dangerous, especially when it comes to driving.

Winter Road Accidents

It is never too late to prepare for winter road conditions and so, if you have not yet taken your vehicle in for a comprehensive service, do so now. Check that your car is in full working order and be sure to double check safety features which are critical in the face of sleet, snow, and ice. This includes putting on snow tires in good condition, checking that windshield wipers are fully operational and in good condition, and having all lights on your vehicle working.

Part of winter road condition prep is also carrying certain emergency supplies in your vehicle. For instance, check that you have a first aid kit complete with blanket to keep you warm should your vehicle break down. Tire chains are also good to have on hand as is some sand in case you need the help with traction to get your vehicle unstuck in icy or slick conditions.

Much of the accidents on winter roads occur due to snowy or icy conditions. Snow can not only significantly reduce visibility on the road, but it can also leave roadways slick or icy. Wet and icy roads can easily lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles. Hydroplaning, or spinning out, due to loss of wheel traction can be scary and dangerous. Should your vehicle spin out, your initial reaction may be to slam on the brakes, but refrain from doing so. Instead, let up off of the gas to slow the vehicle. Turn into the spin as turning away carries a high risk of flipping your vehicle. Once your vehicle regains traction, slowly begin to accelerate once again.

The best way to avoid winter road accidents this season is, of course, to minimize your driving when there are adverse weather conditions. Sometimes, however, driving is just unavoidable. Should you need to venture out in less than ideal weather. Be sure to map out your route beforehand and become as familiar with it as possible. Additionally, share it with someone else. Then, should you become stranded en route, someone will know where to look for you.

New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys

New Jersey, we are in this winter together. Let’s do what we can to keep ourselves and others as safe as possible out there on the road. If you have been injured by a driver failing to exercise due care on these winter roads, the Cassidy Law Firm is here to help you get full and fair compensation. Contact our personal injury attorneys today.

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