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Monday, November 4, 2019

How Long Do Slip and Fall Settlements Take?

After being injured in a slip and fall, you will understandably be anxious for any settlement to be quickly finalized. In addition to the pain of your injuries, you will have likely suffered substantial financial setbacks due to the accident. There are medical bills to consider that can quickly pile up. You may have needed to take time off of work or even needed to find a new job to accommodate the limitations imposed on you by your injuries. For all of these reasons, you may be wondering how long it will actually take to settle your slip and fall claim. Here is a brief overview of the direction the settlement process might take and how long it will last.

How Long Do Slip and Fall Settlements Take?

Generally speaking, it may take only a few months for a slip and fall settlement to be reached, but this greatly depends on the specifics of your case and how successful (or unsuccessful) negotiations proceed. When a settlement negotiator hits some roadblocks, the process can take much more time. If there are problems with disputes about liability or argument about the severity of the slip and fall victim’s injuries, then things will take longer. The openness of either side to reach a settlement will also set the tone for how quickly and successfully settlement negotiations proceed.

The slip and fall claims process begins, of course, with a slip and fall resulting in an injury. You then receive the medical treatment necessary to properly address your injuries. Consulting and retaining a personal injury attorney is a good idea at this point, if you have not already done so. Your attorney will work with you to gather information and documentation regarding the slip and fall incident as well as medical records to show the extent of your injuries. Your attorney may want to send a demand letter to the insurance carrier for the property owner or manager responsible for your slip and fall injuries. The demand letter will include documentation about the accident as well as documentation about your injuries and expenses stemming from your injuries. The demand letter will formally state the amount of compensation you require to settle the case.

The demand letter is a big step in the settlement process and how the insurance carrier reacts to the letter will set the tone for the rest of negotiations. The insurance carrier may agree to pay the demand letter amount, may try to negotiate a lower, but still reasonable payment amount, may come back with a number so low it is clear that they are not ready to fully commit to successful settlement negotiations, or they may flat out reject the demand and/or the claim. If it looks like the insurance carrier will need, you will likely need to file a lawsuit. The process of bringing suit against the insurer carrier will be a lengthy endeavor, but a settlement may still be reached at any step along the way. 

Slip and Fall Attorneys

The dedicated slip and fall attorneys at The Cassidy Law Firm will take on the big insurance companies and hold them accountable for paying you the compensation to which you are legal entitled. We have the experience needed to successfully see these claims through. Contact us today.

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