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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Teen Driver Dangers

Parents of teens, we salute you! Having a teenager is full of ups and downs. It is a unique time in their life and the push for more and more independence can often leave you both proud and anxious all at the same time. With the teenage years comes the newfound freedom of driving. While you may be relieved that your teen can now drive themselves to school, friends’ houses, and to hopefully run some errands for you, it is also likely that you worry about them. After all, the road can be a dangerous place even for the most experienced drivers. Parents, here we will discuss some of the dangers commonly associated with teen drivers. Talk to your teen about them and help them and others stay safe on the roads.

Teen Driver Dangers

I’m sure this will come as little surprise to parents of teens, but it must be said. Teens are often glued to their phones. Unfortunately, this attachment to electronic devices does not end when they get behind the wheel. Teen drivers are commonly distracted by phones. This is dangerous and can have tragic consequences for the teen and others on the road. Even the most seemingly innocent glance down at a text message is dangerous. Consider the fact that the short time it may take to look at a text message while traveling 55 mph means that you could approximately cover the length of a football field. Put down your phone! Tell your teens to put down their phones while driving! Distracted driving is dangerous driving. Period.

In addition to being distracted by phones, teens can also be often distracted by having a lot of passengers. Teens like to load up their vehicles with friends and there is usually no shortage of friends that want to get a ride with a friend with a license and access to a vehicle to drive. More passengers, however, means more distractions. There is more going on in the car. There is more chatter. It can be very difficult to stay focused on driving with so much background interference.

Teens can also be more susceptible to engaging in other reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, driving at night, and drinking and driving, even when underage. Speeding means reduced reaction times and an increase in the time it will take to effectively stop or slow a vehicle to avoid danger. It also means that, should impact occur, higher speeds will make the impact more severe. Additionally, driving at night poses major visibility issues and can also expose a driver to others who have been drinking and driving. In fact, many places put restrictions on when and under what circumstances a teen can drive at night because nighttime conditions necessitate skill that can only come with driving experience. Last, but not least, teens will get behind the wheel after drinking. We all know the tragedies that can come when someone drives under the influence. Talk to your teen about it. Consider giving them safe options should they go out and drink or be around people who have been drinking to get home, such as money for an Uber.

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