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Monday, October 16, 2017

Drive Safely in the Wind and Rain

How can I safely drive through heavy winds or rains?

The weather in 2017 has been anything but usual.  Category four hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and extreme rainfall in much of the country has left many Americans bracing for poor weather conditions.  While this hurricane season is coming to an end, drivers in New Jersey should still be prepared for the possibility of heavy winds and rain. Our Shrewsbury, New Jersey personal injury lawyers offer some tips for driving in wind and rain below.

Driving in Windy Weather 

While wind may not seem like much of a threat when you are behind the wheel, strong winds can lead to accidents and dangerous driving conditions.  Drivers should observe the following conditions when navigating through windy conditions:

  1. Have a firm grasp on the wheel:  Drivers should anticipate wind gusts and be prepared to react.  Always keep both hands on the wheel so that you can keep the vehicle on course in the event a strong gust of wind begins to move the car.

  2. Be aware that large trucks could be affected by the wind:  Large commercial trucks like tractor trailers are more susceptible to the wind due to their extreme heights.  Be aware that truckers could have trouble staying in their lane due to heavy winds.  As such, avoid driving in the immediate vicinity of large trucks when the weather is poor.

  3. Use caution on tall bridges:  Winds will be more intense on high bridges.  Be aware of this fact and avoid using tall bridges when there are powerful winds.

Driving in Intense Rain  

New Jersey drivers should be prepared to experience decreased visibility during a heavy rain.  Drivers should further be ready to react in case they hydroplane.  Hydroplaning can occur when a car travels too fast for the heavy rain conditions, causing the car’s tires to lose their grip on the road due to the water beneath.  Hydroplaning is extremely dangerous as it can render you unable to steer or brake.  Keep yourself safe driving in the rain by observing the following:

  1. Lower your speed:  It is imperative that drivers slow down when it is raining to prevent their vehicle from hydroplaning.  Wait for a downpour to slow before leaving, if possible, as slick conditions will be most intense during this time.

  2. Allow extra following space:  Cars and trucks require more time to stop when the roads are wet.  As such, allow yourself extra following space to prevent a rear end crash.

  3. Turn on your lights:  Always turn on your headlights in poor weather conditions to help other vehicles see you.  Not only is it important for your safety, it is the law in New Jersey. 

Contact a New Jersey personal injury lawyer for assistance if you are involved in an accident during heavy wind or rain.  

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