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Monday, April 26, 2021

Neck or Back Injured in an Accident? Here Are Some of the Treatments You May Receive

If you have been involved in an auto accident or slip and fall incident, you may have sustained significant injuries. Neck and back injuries are particularly prevalent when these types of accidents have occurred. The impact from a fall or from a car crash can have devastating consequences for the human body. You may have lingering pain and mobility issues as a result. Furthermore, you may be more susceptible to further neck or back injuries or issues later on.

Treatment for neck and back injuries can be both extensive and expensive, but necessary for you to effectively recover as much as you can. As you go for medical evaluations and treatments and see the bills roll in, you may feel your anxiety rising. Know, however, that if you were injured due to the negligence of another, the law provides a way for you to recover for your losses through a personal injury claim. In other words, the at-fault party will be on the hook for your damages. So, get that medical treatment you need to effectively address your neck or back injuries.

Neck or Back Injured in an Accident? Here are Some of the Treatments You May Receive

The types of treatment available to victims who have sustained a neck or back injury in an accident are as varied as the type of injuries themselves. The treatment recommended for your particular injury will greatly depend on the nature and severity of the injury you sustained. For more serious injuries to the spinal cord, such as a ruptured disc, surgery may be necessary. In the event of a ruptured disc, you may have to undergo a spinal fusion which will fuse vertebrae together to avoid painful friction and further spinal damage that can occur between two vertebrae that lack the cushioned barrier a disc provides.

If you sustain a fracture to your spine, you may also need surgery, but this is not always the case. You may be required to wear a back brace or some kind of spine stabilizer to help ensure that the fracture is healed without you doing further damage to the area. This also means plenty of rest will be necessary to heal.

For less serious neck and back injuries as well as to aid in the healing and rehabilitation process of more severe injuries that may have required surgery, physical therapy may also be recommended by your doctors. Your physical therapist can educate you about what types of stretches and exercises your body would benefit from. These exercises are often intended to help you build back muscle to support your spine and aid in the healing of your injury as well as the prevention of further injury to the area.

Furthermore, those who have sustained neck and back injuries may be recommended to undergo regular massage therapy. This can not only aid in the healing process but also help relieve symptoms such as soreness and stiffness. For this same reason, hot or cold therapy may be recommended or even the use of a TENS unit.

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