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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Six Flags Great Adventure Sued By Parents of Injured Minor

Can I sue an amusement park for my injuries?

After a young girl was injured at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township, her parents have filed suit.  The minor child was injured while riding on the El Diablo rollercoaster in September of 2015.  The ride involves several loops that leave the rider hanging upside down while restrained by a lap belt and over the shoulder harness.  According to the lawsuit, the child’s belt disengaged while she was riding the coaster.  She had to hold onto the shoulder bar just to keep herself in the seat as the roller coaster went through its loops.  She continues to suffer injuries as a result of the amusement part incident.  Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers at the Cassidy Law Firm explore this Six Flags accident and your rights if injured at an amusement park below.

Six Flags Accident Caused Permanent Physical, Emotional, and Nervous System Injuries 

The minor child who struggled to keep herself on the roller coaster is said to now experience ongoing physical injuries, including shoulder and cervical injuries. She also suffers from emotional and psychological shock, as well as nervous system problems.  Her parents alleged that Six Flags was negligent in failing to ensure the ride’s restraint systems were in working order.

Six Flags has contested the lawsuit, claiming that it was filed outside of the 90-day window that amusement park patrons have to report an accident to a park operator before filing suit.  Six Flags has further sought to dismiss the case, claiming that it is not responsible for product defects because it did not design or manufacture the ride. 

Liability for Amusement Park Accidents 

The rate of amusement park accidents has risen drastically since the 1990’s.  With amusement parks striving to build faster, bigger, and better roller coasters, the fun of an amusement park can come with risks.  Amusement parks can be liable for injuries resulting to patrons under some circumstances.  If the accident was caused by the amusement park’s negligence, which could include failure to maintain rides or provide correct instructions to riders, this could form the basis for liability. 

Personal injury and product liability claims against amusement parks are complex, as several defenses exist, depending on your state.  Contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible for assistance with your amusement park accident case.

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