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Friday, July 16, 2021

Initial Lawyer Meeting? Here Is What to Bring

Have you been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence? Do not delay in securing trusted legal counsel. The insurance companies will start to call right away. They will look to take advantage of those unrepresentative individuals. To help protect yourself and your rights to full and fair compensation for the injuries you have sustained, meet with a dedicated personal injury lawyer right away. You can help the process move along as well as easing any anxiety you may be feeling about meeting with a lawyer by being as prepared as possible for this initial meeting. Here, we will discuss some of what you should bring to your initial lawyer meeting.

Initial Lawyer Meeting? Here Is What to Bring

In a personal injury action, there will be extensive documentation needed to support your claim. While you are not expected to bring all of this documentation to your initial lawyer meeting, bringing certain pieces of information can make the meeting much more productive. For instance, any documentation relating to what happened to cause your injuries. This may mean bringing a copy of the accident report or incident report. It may also involve bringing any contact information you may have gathered for witnesses to the accident. If you took pictures at the scene, these can also be helpful.

You should also try to gather medical records and medical bills that you have received for any medical treatment you have undergone for your accident injuries. These initial reports and bills can be very helpful in proceeding with your personal injury claim. Because consistent follow-up medical care will be so important to both your health and your personal injury claim value, your attorney will be in touch with your medical providers throughout the claims process in order to gather up all of your medical bills and records associated with your accident.

Additionally, you should bring information regarding your insurance and that of the at-fault driver or other parties involved in the accident. Copies of insurance cards and insurance policies should be brought to your initial meeting if you have them available. If you have received any correspondence from your insurance company or another party’s insurance company, you should bring this to the attorney for his or her review as well.

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These documents will play a critical part in your personal injury claim. They are pieces of evidence that will support the validity of your claim and the extent of your claim. If you cannot secure all of these documents to bring to your first visit with your lawyer, do not worry. At the Cassidy Law Firm, we are dedicated to our clients and helping them throughout the personal injury claims process. We work tirelessly to gather the necessary documentation as we prepare to fight for our clients’ rights to be properly compensated for their losses. Contact us today.

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